Groupbuy Info

Purchasing in a groupbuy means you entitled to a certain level of quality.

All groupbuys are A-stock units, meaning:

  • No serious external flaws, such as dings, scrapes, scratches, or dents.
  • Exterior finish will be continuous, and have no serious issues.
  • Interior may have small blemishes due to the nature of certain finishing processes, but these will not be visible during use.
  • No machining marks will be visible.
  • All products will be functional at the time of shipping.

If an A-stock unit you receive does not hit this level of quality, please contact me on discord or at I will figure something out for you.

Extra A-stock units will likely be available after each groupbuy at a slightly increased price.

After a groupbuy concludes, B-stock units may be available to purchase as extras. These units will be slightly discounted from the group-buy price. Having the designation of B-stock entails:

  • Small exterior flaws may be present. Small scrapes or small dents may be present, and these will be disclosed prior to purchase.
  • Finishing flaws may be present, the main one of which being small color mismatches between different parts of the main item.
  • No flaws will be present that hinder the usage of the item.
  • All products will be functional at the time of shipping.