I've stepped away from keyboards for the forseeable future. Thanks to everyone who made my time designing such a memorable one! If anyone would like to contact me, shoot me an email!


Please feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns, or questions you may have.

Best way to get into contact with me for non-critical issues- DM me on discord. My server is here or you can DM me @ mysticworks#1622. This is the best way to contact for simple questions or inquiries as well as general questions.

Secondary way- email me at albert@mysticworks.xyz- this is the best way to contact me for payment issues, logistics, etc. I may redirect you to email if your message contains information that I need to have on file.

While I try to keep on top of messages, I may miss things especially if they're on platforms I don't check as often (think Instagram, Geekhack). If there is something critical you must need to get in touch with me about, please use email.