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The Wyvern is a 65% + southpaw numpad keyboard designed to improve user efficiency and comfort while typing. Moving the numpad to the left side improves ergonomics and allows the simultaneous usage of the mouse and a numpad. With a clean back and seamless sides, this keyboard is designed to stay on your desk for years to come. It has the following features and specifications:
  • 6 degree typing angle
  • Anodized black or e-white coated ($20 extra)
  • QMK and VIA support
  • Burger o-ring top mount
  • Brass weight with no external engraving
  • Centered daughterboard with USB C
  • Weighs roughly 4 lbs unbuilt

The base kit comes with an anodized black or e-white coated top and bottom aluminum piece, a brass bottom weight, a PCB and daughterboard, brass plate and all necessary assembly hardware including PCB and plate foam for sound dampening.

If you'd like more/different plates or pcbs, please check out the in-stock Wyvern extras.